We know this process can be a difficult one for many individuals. We strive to make the process a seamless and positive experience for all parties involved.

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The following is a list of services we provide
Supervised Visitation
All of our professional monitors have had the 24-Hour Standards Training, in addition are required to keep their CPR and First Aid Certifications current. The combined experience of our staff is well over 35 years.

We are members of the Supervised Visitation Network. Our philosophy is to provide a professional service in a family-friendly environment, to provide easy access for families to utilize our services, and treat each parent with respect and dignity while remaining neutral at all times. It is our job to ensure the safety and welfare of the child, adults, and providers of supervised visitation and to help alleviate the frustration and embarrassment parents may feel while going through difficult custody situations. 

We service the Greater Los Angeles County area, including Van Nuys (where our on-site facility is),

Pasadena, Glendale, Santa Clarita; Ventura County; and other surrounding areas and beach cities.

Most of our current referrals come from many of the seated Family Law Judges in Los Angeles,

San Gabriel Valley and Ventura Counties; commissioners; mediators; Family Law Practice Attorneys;

Conciliation Courts; Department of Children & Family Services; Children’s Counsel; Dependency Court;

Court Evaluators; private practice family therapists and other family court specialists.

We provide visitation services at our on-site facility, off-site at a neutral location agreed upon by both

parents, or at the non-custodial parents’ home, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Supervised Visitation services are available from 1-24 hour periods seven (7) days a week, depending

on the service request and the court order.

If you are ready to begin setting up services, contact us below or call us at (818) 780-3730 to begin the

setup process. At that time we will set up an intake interview where we will go over the entire packet in detail

and answer any questions you may have. 

"It’s easier to build strong children than to repair

broken adults​."

― F. Douglass

Supervised Monitored Visitation in Los Angeles

  • Supervised Visitation Services

    • onsite and offsite services
    • for Seniors
  • Exchange Services

  • Child Care Referrals

Family Care Monitoring Services, Inc.

Supervised Visitation Monitoring Services
At the end of each visitation the monitor will write an observation report that will include all observations, activities and communication.  We do NOT write up summary reports.